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Happy You Near…

So, you’ve navigated your way through one of the most traumatic times of the year. In theory, Christmas is a fairy tale time of joy and laughter, of twinkling lights and quality time with friends and family. A time for exchanging gifts and festive feasts. And then there’s New Year, when we make resolutions and wish happiness and prosperity on everyone we meet, from our nearest and dearest to the staff at the supermarket checkout and colleagues at work.

Anxiety and pressure

And all the time, that happy-go-lucky, not-a-care-in-the-world you is slipping further and further away under a cloud of anxiety and pressure. The reality for many is that the festive period is stressful, lonely, reflective, expensive and anything but joyful. So it’s not just you.

Even now all those ‘festivities’ are behind us, we still have the cold, wet, dark days of winter to get through before the sun can shine again. For many, left to their own devices, that may be a real struggle. Maybe for you too?

Support others

Accepting this, understanding the reasons we can feel so depressed and learning how to manage these episodes, can help us realign our own feelings and support others going through a dark patch. If you’re a parent, a carer, a manager or supervisor, you could be the person who makes all the difference to someone in their hour, day, week or month of need. Recognise the signs, do something helpful, say the right thing, offer support.

Some, in fact most of the signs, are not easy to spot. Most of us need to learn what to look for and how to manage and cope. Of course, training helps, and that’s why I’ve developed and deliver dedicated Mental Health First Aid courses. Mental health issues are never easy to manage, but can be less difficult and more effective to address when you’re properly trained, and having the confidence to take the lead can only come with knowledge.

Conquering the ‘Black Dog’ of depression

That’s why this new year I’m wishing you a ‘Happy You Near’. Once you’ve learned what you need to know, a more confident, effective new you will be able to lead those you may be responsible for out into the sunlight. And that time is nearer than you might think.

This video explains how the ‘Black Dog’ of depression can take over. It’s a good reminder of how all-consuming, relentless and exhausting it can be, but also how it can be conquered.

If you would like more information about Mental Health First Aid courses or any other Orbital Safety Training courses, email Kirsty or call Orbital Safety Training on 07733 466070.


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