Our Trainer 

Kirsty Hawkins (Director)

Having enjoyed a career as a qualified veterinary nurse for 11 years, I gained a lot of experience working in emergency care practices and critical care hospitals. Unlike humans animals cannot tell you where they are hurting or how they are feeling, so because of this it is important to dynamically assess the patient to establish what is wrong with them.

Whilst nursing I gained my first First Aid qualification and became the practice First Aider.  My qualification came in use for the first time out side the practice when I came across a road traffic accident involving 7 casualties.  Unfortunately I was on my own dealing with this incident until the emergency service arrived.  When I was attending this accident, I noticed people passing were unwilling or unable to stop to help me.  It was this reaction from them that ignited my passion to give everyone the courage to stop and help if they were faced with an incident like the one I faced.

My First training position in 2004 was with the British Red Cross in 2004, where I gained vital teaching experience training people of mixed abilities over a very diverse range.

I left the British Red Cross in 2006 and joined the First Aid Training team at Thames Valley Police, where I developed my skill and knowledge to teach from Basic First Aid for police staff to Advance First Aid for Firearms offices and Police Medics.

In 2015 I left the police and after a short career break, I decided to take the plunge to open up a Company to reach more people who want to know a little or a lot about First Aid

To ensure my training is not just from a book, I also respond as a Community First Responder (CFR) for South Central Ambulance, enabling me to bring real life emphasis to courses.

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